A spontaneous trip to the Temple of Heaven(天坛)

Finally managed to reap the benefits of my university student card, 15¥ for an entry ticket?! We strolled around with our backpacks and carefree minds, baby (my Nikon) hang on my shoulder as conversation flowed. Sat at a café with the bitter cold kissing our cheeks, we sipped our smoothies then headed on home.. nonchalantly walking, hands in my pockets, I caught a glimpse of the beautiful baguette(s) stacked awaiting our return through the glass doors of a bakery. Five dumbfounded students deprived of fresh bread hurried inside; yes I know.. it’s only baguette, however, when the only bread you’ve had for the past two months tastes like nothing but worn out tyres, one can only dream of tasting something somewhat “close” to “real bread”. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, but I didn’t care because I had real bread and I was happy.

(Suddenly reminiscent of the days my mother and I would walk out of the supermarket chomping on a fresh baguette on our way back home)

The Temple of Heaven (天坛) : Great for a short visit, 1h:30m should be enough.

Living in China has really made me more appreciate of basic commodities, never in my years of consiousness have I imagined that I would be so happy to see bread. Okay, I realise that it sounds like there is no bread here, there is plenty of bread, but it doesn’t quite taste like real bread, if you know what I mean. Now..I am an avid grapes eater, (it’s possibly my go-to snack) so when I finally decided to give the fruit here a try, one can only imagine the trauma, let me just point out that I have been here for almost three months and my lips quiver at the sight of grapes. Not because they are delicious.. no, they are anything BUT that. Let me just cut to the chase and tell you that unfortunately for me, the grapes here taste like plastic.

So, if you are a fruit lover like me! Be prepared to long for fruit like never before, although though it is easily accessible. That is, if you are coming to China of-course :)


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