To New Beginnings.

29/08/2016 I embarked on a new adventure, China – at the time I simply hoped this new journey would bring with it, great lessons and memories. I hoped to grow, become more certain of who I am and the life I want to lead. Five months have flown by and I am ready to begin sharing my findings with you, so stick around.

Hold on! Let me quickly explain what brought me here in the first place, although my modesty levels may be a little higher than some (gravitating towards becoming a weakness!) it is definitely a trait that holds me back when it’s time to share; with a tongue sprinkled with knowledge, modesty holds me hostage, I cringe and squeal at the thought of speaking about myself and my experiences. I hold this idea that my stories/experiences are not worth sharing, as if I shouldn’t dare to congratulate myself for my mere accomplishments when there are humans saving lives!

Contradiction, habitual amongst us all, and I am no exception. Constantly addressing the principle of sharing, yet I cannot practice what I preach. In summation, what brought me here is simple.. story telling and a step towards truly understanding that self-validation should not be suppressed. 

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