The Summer Palace(颐和园)

A trip to “the largest royal park in Beijing”.

One of the things I promised myself I’d do during my time here(China) would be to contact my good friend Lu, whom I shared a university flat with back in my 1st year of university (she was an exchange student), my trusty friend Lu.

〉Something that has always been instilled in me thanks to my father is that I should value my relationships, the older I get, the bigger my understanding of this great virtue gets.

Moving on, I invited Lu for a day out and brought two friends along with me, I asked Lu to pick a few dishes for us, with each new dish slidden on the table, my eyes grew with curiosity. Looking back at it now, I giggle knowing I was so intrigued by the new dishes…all looks the same to me now – another thing, the absence of salt and pepper on restaurant tables is still funny to me. After an enjoyable lunch we headed to The Summer Palace (Yíhéyuán – 颐和园), at first I thought it was “simply” another palace with the same ol’ Chinese architectural feel, that thought was quickly snatched from me as we approached the top of the stairs and found ourselves facing the Sumeru Temple. Surrounded by urbanisation the Sumeru Temple makes its’ presence known with a sturdy structure and Tibetan style aesthetic, regardless of the change the world may face, he remains, proud. Let me remind you that you are reading the entry of a human that is left in awe by the simple sway of leaves, so you can only imagine the velocity of my heartbeat at that point. Little did I know that was only the beginning.

If I had known I was going to climb rocks, I would have brought a hair clip at least, I was clearly taking advantage of my good hair day to not dare tame it, regret crept in soon after. Now at the top, looking ahead of this beautiful place metropolitan Beijing was not far behind, that was a little disquieting. The further we went the bigger the distance between my thoughts and inner-tranquility, I felt present. Taking a Dragon Boat ride on Lake Kumming we got a wide view of the Longevity Hill, then over the 17 Arch Bridge bundled with tourists, workers tipping through the sides and a peaceful kite flyer candidly doing his thing. We exited the palace through the West gate and caught a TukTuk to the nearest subway station just because, and that was the end of an eventful day.


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